Site Filter Feature Released

The Site Filter feature for cnHeat is released.  cnHeat will now only display sites that have coverage on the viewable map.  When the user zooms or pans around the map, if a site's coverage moves outside of the user’s view, then it is automatically removed from the list of sites on the right side of the screen.

The first picture below shows Emporia Kansas covered by three sites.  All sites show in the site list.

Three SItes in User's View

The second picture shows a view in the country east of Emporia.  Only one site is identified within view and the list only contains this site.

One Site in User's View

The Site Filter Feature is especially helpful for customers with large numbers of sites by eliminating the display of site names not pictured.  Browser speed is improved allowing for quicker display when traversing your cnHeat network.

A second enhancement has been made.  Clicking on the map shows the distance to sites from a potential install location.  Now only sites within 20km are shown.

Only east tower within 20km of potential install locationOnly east tower within 20km of potential install location