Site ID randomly changing

I'm not sure how or what exactly is going on but we are experiencing an issue where cnMaestro is changing the site ID of some SMs when it touches them with any templates.  for instance yesterday i pushed our template to change the SM password to our entire PMP450 network - around 3000 devices.  (txt of template attached at the bottom - i've removed the excrypted password strings and replaced them with ********* for this post).  this morning our support staff ran into several SMs with the site ID changed to another client's site ID but everything else was correct.  we ran a report on all devices and round 280 SMs had the wrong site ID that we now need to go back and change.  

"userParameters": {
"authenticationConfig": {
"whispWebUserAccessMode": 0,
"allowRejectThenLocal": 0,
"authenticationKeyEncrypted": "**********",
"accounts": [
"userName": "root",
"level": 3,
"readOnly": false,
"passwordEncrypted": "**********"
"authKeyOption": 0
"cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
"cfgFileVersion": "1.0"

Are you referring to the Site created within cnMaestro, displayed in the left-hand tree, or are SMs registering to other APs?

refering to the SM's SNMP site name 

In the device level Configuration tab, is the Name field populated with the incorrect name?  This field gets included in configuration pushes to keep the name set up in cnMaestro and the device-side name in sync.  This value is initially populated by the name reported by the device when it is first onboarded.

the name in cnMaestro was wrong.

I believe this is the process that resulted in the issue:

1.  SM was onboarded with a temp SNMP name at time of install.  for instance the installer gives the SM a name that has it's tower code and last octet of ip: STG59

2. office staff then runs thru a post install check list that includes filling in all the SNMP data (on the SM) and changing the temp name to it's final name which is customer number+tower code+IP: 8375-STG59.

3. device name in SM and cnMaestro now show the final name 8375-STG59

4. If i run any script that touches the SM then cnMaestro sets the name back to whatever it was when it was onboarded: STG59

Thanks for posting the steps taken.

I think what happened is that in step 2 the name was changed outside of cnMaestro.  The way things work now, cnMaestro will revert back the device name to what it views as the desired value that it has stored when configuration is applied.

To immediately fix these devices and prevent this from occuring again the SM names should be set in cnMaestro and not through other means.  Otherwise this scenario will repeat.

yeah i think we realize that now.  however, it's really not convenient to change all the other snmp data in the SM and then go to cnMaestro to change the name only.  they should be syncronized and/or you should be able to put the contact and location in cnMaestro too.  also this isn't documented ANYWHERE so the user is left scratching their head when suddenly half of their network has the wrong names. :-/

FYI, this is a BUG not a feature!!!