Slingbox/Location Free TV etc

We have recently been receiving a lot of requests from domestic clients wanting up to 3Mbps,usually from Scandanavians who want to watch their native TV on a PC with a connection to a Slingbox or Sony streamer located in their country.

Has anyone tried this kind of thing on a Canopy network ? Are the video packets larger than Voip packets ? Without any other traffic how many connections at 1Mbps could an Advantage AP handle,I know the easy answer would be 14 but would it support the pps ?

I don’t even know where to start on this one, but would also be interested.

I was looking for more of an IPTV or TVoIP solution though.

If anybody is interested,I am presently conducting tests with a Swedish client who is Slinging from his 1Mbps up ADSL connection in Sweden,he is connected to one of our old 11b Access points with a standard 256/512 connection and is reporting reasonable performance.My previous concerns were over large pps saturating the APs but for download it appears to be approx 100pps per 1000Kbps,eg 50pps for 512Kbps,the upload which I assume is constantly communicating with the host streamer reports around 35pps at 12kbps,I intend over the weekend to increment the clients download to the full 1Mbps upload he has in Sweden,with him reporting changes in quality on an out of 10 basis ,I will then do the same tests next weekend with Canopy installed at his house.

I realise that if this becomes popular that it will do no favours to a WISP in view of the high bandwidth consumed,however maybe a Cap limit could be included in the Standard price with the client paying more for any excesses consumed,this would stop people streaming 24/7,that is unless they want to pay for it ! Any suggestions on monthly limits ?