Slow cnMaestro Cloud performance

Over the last month or so the performance of the cloud cnMaestro has reduced to the point it's unusable at times. I have this issue at work on a 1Gbit / 1Gbit enterprise fibre connection and also at home to 2 different cnMaestro instances. We are connecting from Australia to cloud cnMaestro that appears to be in Japan. Please see example video.

Have left it a few weeks, but it's no better.

When we started with cnMaestro early this year it was super fast.

Resource issue on server ?

Link to Video


Thanks for sharing the video. It was helpful. Currently, one of the servers in the APAC region is overloaded, and we are actively working on it to reduce the load. We will keep you posted on the progress.



Thanks for the update. Looking forward to performance returning to normal.

I think you guys changed something server side about 6 hours ago. We got disconnection email from all APs.

Now performance is great.


We lost all the ePSK info on one of our SSIDs. We had 5 entries on it.

We can recover from documentation but worried it will happen again.

Any ideas ?



Are the ePSK entries missing in the WLAN in cnMaestro or are they missing on the device itself?

Missing from cnMaestro.

I can't see the option for ePSK in the web interface of an AP.

Should I ?



I don't think the device web interface displays ePSK options.  Just to be clear, you see the ePSK section of the WLAN but the table is empty?

I am going to forward this to our operations team to get some details on the server balancing.

Please email me your Cambium ID so I may debug this further.

jordan.stipati [.at.]

Yes empty on cnMaestro. ePSK table there but empty.

5 x ePSK were there Wednesday night.

Will email details now.




Please check your account.  You ePSK entries should be restored.

We have fixed the root cause of the issue and are taking steps to prevent similar issues in the future.


Confirmed working

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