Slow speeds at moderate distance

I have a network running 3 2.4 Aps in a cluster. Users really close to the tower, like 1 mile or less, can get up to 7 mbps down. User that are further away, on the other hand, can only get up to 2 mbps even with great signal. For example one user is at 2 miles with a RSSI of 1200 and jitter around 4-5, but he can only get 2 mbps download. The power level is -57 dbm.

Another user is at about 9 miles using a dish and also gets 2 mbps. Basically it seems like everyone over 1 mile gets a quarter the speed that people close up get.

Any suggestions?

Do a Spectrum Analysis and check for noise in the area. Also make sure it’s properly timed (CMM) and that all settings on the AP’s are identical (Ratio, Slots, Distance).

Are the clients all on the same AP or are they on different AP’s?

Also load balance the SM’s by adjusting the power output level on the SM’s. You need to look at the SESSIONS page on the AP for the signal levels when doing this. Keep lowering the Powerlevels until all the SM’s are within 10db on the AP side (-70 > -80…for example).

All of the three APs are timed and all of the settings are the same.

I’ll try to post some spectrum analysis screenshots here within a couple days. I’ll also try playing with the power settings and see what happens.

The people experiencing the slow speeds are on all different access points, not the same one.

I just checked the APs and everyone is in the -50’s range for signal strength.

Here’s the spectrum analysis from all three APs.

keefe007 wrote:
Here's the spectrum analysis from all three APs.

Since you say everyone is at -50 then I guess it can be assumed all that noise in your spectrum analysis is being generated by your own APs / SMs ? That is, when you did the analysis , did you turn off all the APs except the one you was testing ?

Yeah, I think I can almost see which AP is missing in the noise in each one of those graphs. Or it looks like AP 1 is on the lower end of the band, AP 2 is in the middle and AP 3 is on the other end of the band.

I'm to new to this to be telling anyone what the problem is but it looks like even in, for example ap2.jpg were I'm guessing the slump in the center frequencies is were AP 2 would be if it wasn't in SM mode doing a Spectrum Analysis, the pictures were you can sort'a / maybe see what the noise looks like in that AP's frequency range... it is really ugly. Then agian that might just be the other two AP's bleeding over but shouldn't Sync keep them from broadcasting like that ? Those bars are full green. It looks like both the other AP's are blasting away nonstop full throttle.

If that isn't self interference , that is the second nightmare inducing spectrum analysis I've seen here in the last few days. Then again I'm new to all this so I may not have the first clue what I'm talking about and sometimes I have nightmares for no reason.

When I did the spectrum analysis the other AP’s were still on. I’ll get some screenshots with all APs disabled except the one doing the analysis.

Here are the spectrum analysis screenshots with only one access point on at a time.

Well that is somewhat noisey but I’ve seen worse.

- Do all the clients have clear LOS to the tower?
- Can any of the cleints see more then one AP? If so, try getting it to register to another one and run some test to it.
- Are any of the clients on the border of the broadcast range for the AP? (side Lobe).
- Are you using color codes?
- Do you have all the channels selected in the SM? If so try only selecting the one needed to register to that particular AP.

Can you post the link tests from an SM that is working fine and on that isn’t and the Config’s for the AP(s)?

That’s not bad on the noise at all!

We run mostly 2.4 with customers at 13 miles. I don’t put our customers in 2X as I want to be able to up grade and offer this speed as we get more competition. We do let them have the 4 meg down and 1 meg up

Are all of your cyclones config the same, mileage, contol slot, are you running a cmm? except for the color code and freq. everything must be the same. You only have 3 freq you can run 2415,2435 and 2457 you can fudge a little on them put not much as you add customers there will be problems. With self interferance

The freq’s being used are 2415, 2435, and 2457.

All of the APs have these settings:
Max range 10 miles
Downlink 75%
Control slots 0

These are all synced via a CMM. The antennae being used are hyperlink 120 degree sectors.

Here’s a current subscriber who’s having issues:

RSSI : 1058
Power Level : -57 dBm
Jitter : 1

Downlink RATE: 9161932 bps
Uplink RATE: 2563276 bps
Aggregate RATE: 11725208 bps
Pkt Xmt (Act/Exp): 1043/0
Pkt Rcv (Act/Exp): 3713/0

Downlink Efficiency: 85 Percent
Downlink Index (Act/Max): 85/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 104909/89472

Uplink Efficiency: 98 Percent
Uplink Index (Act/Max): 98/100
Frag Count (Act/Exp): 25452/25032

I do notice that it jumps between 1x and 2x a lot.

Do you have the part # for these? hyperlink 120 degree sectors

You should be running at least 1 control slot

I am running 0 control slots because each AP has 10 or less SMs on it right now. Should it be 1?

It depends on the amount of data you are passing.

Do you have the part # for the hyperlink 120 degree sectors you are using? These may be the problem. are you using motorola equipment?

Sorry I don’t know anything about the wi-fi equipment. If you had motorola 2.4 … I could help you there.

motorola runs on 802.3

This is motorola 2.4 ghz… Those antennae are good for 2400-2500 MHz.

motorola runs on 802.3

802.3 is the standard for the "wired" ethernet interface - has nothing to do with the wireless parts.


:idea: Maybe Richard can help you!!