Slow speeds at moderate distance

Are you using ADVANTAGE SM’s? Or are they just standard SM’s?

standard P9 SM’s.

keefe007 wrote:

Downlink RATE: 9161932 bps
Uplink RATE: 2563276 bps
Aggregate RATE: 11725208 bps

Can you post the stats from a good link ? I assumed the bps on moto's link test was 'bytes' not 'bits'.

If that is bytes, then it works out to about 9meg down , 2 meg p and aggregate of about 11 megs.

Or is the problem " the signal is good, the link is good, the tests come back good - BUT, the customer can only download at about 2meg" ?

If that is the case, exactly what is happening or were are you / the customer only seeing 2 meg at ?

How much downtilt do you have on those antennas? What is the elevation of the antennas?

They should be pointed at the horizon or maybe just a tad down.

The downtilt is either 1 or 2 degrees.

Try a test on one of your problem SM’s with 2 of the 3 AP’s turned off to eliminate self-interference.

You have a fairly high noise floor at -70dB. It takes 10dB above the noise floor to maintain 2X. It’s possible that the SM’s keep trying to connect at 2X and falling back to 1X. Try forcing all of the SM’s to 1X. At 75% you will get 4-5mbps and the links will be more stable.

Also, if you have any SM’s that show as having more than 55dB in the AP’s sessions page I would lower them to around -60. As a matter of fact, I would adjust all SMs so they fall within 10dB of each other from about -65 to -55 with optimal being -60.

Unfortunately 2.4 is pretty crowded these days. You are going to be fighting this more and more as you add subscribers.