Slow traffic on all SMs on a whole tower

All APs on one tower of a two tower system are delivering low throughput.

DIA thoughput was tested directly and is delivering expected bandwidth.

PTP820 has been hard rebooted. Local switch has been rebooted. All APs have been rebooted. No change.

SM throughput has been checked on the throughput tab on every AP. Suspicious SMs were rebooted with no change.

SMs are delivering only 1 to 3 Mbps on a system that normally has no problem with 30.

The problem first showed up yesterday, 11/3, at approximately 1630. I worked the problem until about 2000 when it cleared up by itself. Everything was back to normal.

Received a call from the head tech this morning at about 930 that the problem was back. Looked at the system for about 2 hours with nothing obvious found. Customer rebooted the 820 on each end, no change. I rebooted each AP on the tower with a speed test after each reboot with no change.

Check modulations on the SM's. Interference?

What software versions on SM and AP

Checked thruput from switch local to the tower?

What firmware are your 820’s running?