SM 5.7 low RSSI

We have a 5.7SM with in 1.5 mile that is registered but has low RSSI and Jitter. LOS is go but we feel it is sitting on the edge of the 60 degrees
of the AP. It is probably setting around 55-58 degree. What can we add or do to get a better signal? We saw the Beehaive add-on can this help with the angle of degree?


The SM is 55-58 degrees off axis (the centerline) from the AP?

The 2-mile range for the 5.7GHz SM without a reflector is only reliable for up to around 30+ degrees off axis, or half the 60-degree spread of the AP’s integral antenna. I’m successfully operating SMs up to 90 degrees off axis, but they’re within 0.25 miles of the AP.

Yes, a reflector will help. The Canopy unit, the BeeHive, or other 3rd-party dishes will all work. There’s a manufacturer in Texas that makes a satellite dish modified to hold a Canopy unit: the “Motorola Canopy Compatible Reflector Dish for WISP” listed on eBay.

Just because the RSSI and Jitter are low, however, doesn’t mean your link is unreliable. Check the SM’s and AP’s power level rather than the RSSI and Jitter. The power level is a more meaningful measure of the RF link; it must consistantly be better than -83 dB, the sensitivity of the Canopy receiver.

Your other alternative, of course, is adding another AP.