SM antenna augmentation


What is SM antenna augmentation used for? is it to increase the probability of communicating at higher order modulation? or or to increase the system gain or the range?



  In the case of PMP450 radios we have two options MIMO-A and MIMO-B.

As you know PMP450 uses two polarities offset from each other by 90 degrees.

In MIMO-A we take the data that we need to transmit and send out both polarities hoping that at least one path makes it through. This adds redundancy and resiliency.

In MIMO-B we take the data and separate it in two so that half of the data is sent on one polarity and the other half is sent on the other polarity. This has the effect of doubling throughput.

PMP450 uses an adaptive modulation algorith that will choose which technique is best at any point in time.

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