SM/AP connection

I have a problem with 3 SM modules not authenticating to our AP cluster. All of our equipment is on 4.2.3 and Boot Version 3.0. I have the SM pointed at the AP tower and were less then 175 feet from the tower. Put the SM module in Aiming mode and it gets a RSSI around 2200 and a Jitter of 3-4. Turn it over to Operational mode, and it says scannign and won’t sync with the AP module. We are usnig BAM 1.1 and all of the AP’s have the DES keys etc. I have added the SM to the BAM server and all of the APs on this cluster are listed on the BAM server.

Were beating ourselves up trying to figure out what is wrong. I can see the first one failing the second one possibly being messed up from the factory but i find it hard to believe i have 3 modules that are all bad.

Any help would be great!