SM, APs & Backhauls Interface

Hi Guys,

I want to use a perl script to check the current bandwidth of our APs and back-hauls. The script uses snmp; currently, I can run the script to get this information from cisco routers, switches, unix servers etc. I can do that because I am able to specify the interface of the device and pull the current bandwidth. The community string is specified in the script.

Here is an overview of the script

[root@monitor libexec]# ./ -h
Usage: -H host -i if_number -p period [ -w warn ] [ -c crit ]

Check interface on the indicated host.

-i, --interface INTEGER
Interface number assigned by SNMP agent.

-w, --warning INTEGER
Gb of total period traffic for warning results

-c, --critical INTEGER
Gb of total period traffic for critical results

-p --period CHARACTER
timeperiod to check (d=per day,m=per month)

For a cisco router, I can pull the info by doing

[root@monitor libexec]# ./ -H ciscoip -iGi0/0 -p d

How can I do this for a back haul, CMM or AP. Or rather, are there any Interface numbers for these motorola gears?