SM as a "Tower Device"

It would be nice if we could designate a SM as a tower device.  We freqently uplink towers via a PtMP link to other towers. 



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I believe you already stated this clearly but I just want to make sure I understand the use-case.  Scenario 2 needs to be supported.  But I believe in this post, you are asking for scenario 1 to also be supported.  Can you confirm?

Scenario 1

In the scenario you present, the SM is acting as a backhaul for a tower.  But the AP which the SM is connected to is serving other SMs and is therefor truly a point-to-multi-point deployement.  But one of the SMs is a backhaul for a tower.

Scenario 2

The opposite scenario is where an AP and SM are used explicitly as a PTP link (i.e. no other SMs registered to the AP).  This PTP link is the backhaul for a tower.

We also deploy gear per Scenario 1 on occasion - specifically we'll set up an ePMP SM provisioned wide-open connecting to one of our main towers, then feed from that into a single AP with 2-5 clients in a small geographic cluster.  If we beef up the site later on (taller, more APs, more clients) then we make it a 'real' backhaul.  (I'll acknowledge that it's a more complicated scenario to represent than "1to1 is BH, 1toMany is AP/SM")


Yes, both Scenario 1 and 2.

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I made a similar post actually.  This is definitely indeed something we need.  To have a sub directly  attached to a different tower location as part of a ptp /pmp link.

I checked the Ideas section and couldn't find this there.  Please add your idea there with details of how you'd like the feature to function and post the link here.  That way others can vote on it to bring it to the top.