SM cannot Register to AP

I have a network of 900AP connectorized and and 900SM connectorised. It working fine. I have ordered new connectorized SM and these new ones cannot registered to the existing 900AP; this is the difference i have noticed:
Software Boot version 3.0
Board Type 9
FPGA version 041006

Software Boot version 1.0
Board type 10
FPGA version 040607
Polarisation vertical

i have both on the same software version 8.1.4
I have done the test at several places, this include the base station and other places to reject the option of interferences.
I have also tried 3 differents new SM having the above characteristics; i still cannot registered.
My question: i am wondering whether it’s not that software Boot version and the Board type which is not enable me to register. How can I get the SM to the same software boot version 3.0 as my running 900AP; also the board type 10 to 9.
I need assistance.

Bruno Chabi
Ecoband Networks Ltd
Ghana- West Africa

Update and try

What is the polarization of the AP?

The polarization of the AP is horizontal. I have ugraded it to 8.1.5 now. But i still have the RSSI value in read recquesting for calibration.
Any idea.