sm deregistered - no gpfs from ap. check signal level and interference on channel

Hi, I installed two antennas epmp 200 on two sites, at the office the station SM is normally registered at the AP but in the site, it does not work and I receive this error message "sm deregistered - no gpfs from the signal level and interference on channel

I need your help please.


What is the distance between the radios?

First of all, it makes sense to simulate the link in LinkPlanner Tool.

Thank you.

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Hi Elisee,

I understand that it is important to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately there is not enough information to tell what is causing you trouble. Can you please open up a support ticket at and our engineers will be happy to help you.



  In fact, here is my problem the antenna epmp 200 configured as a station  (SM), in activation the transmitter output power that is always off and the wireless is down.
Another problem when i do the reset factory to the antenna does not give the opportunity to change the country.
Here is the capture