sm deregistered - no gpfs from ap. check signal level and interference on channel

  In fact, here is my problem the antenna epmp 200 configured as a station  (SM), in activation the transmitter output power that is always off and the wireless is down.
Another problem when i do the reset factory to the antenna does not give the opportunity to change the country.
Here is the capture


When the radio is in station mode the output power is off because the radio perfomes passive scanning. It is only listening to beacons. Once it "finds" the AP beacon and complete the association proccess the output power will change to XXbm.

Forgot to mention that the Station obtains the country code from the AP.

To change the country code of the AP you may need (it it is not RoW fro the factory) a licence at no cost fro the cambium support site. 

Thank you for your answer, please I can link to change the country code because by default it is USA.