SM died during autoupdate??

Recently I was updating an SM from 4.2.3 to 6.1–>7.1 via SM autoupdate from an AP running 7.1. The SM was physically moved and possibly even power cycled while this was occurring and it became unresponsive.

I am now unable to even get the SM to power up and have tried other power supplies and the “recovery plug”.

Has anyone else seen this and/or know how to recover from it?

You should contact your reseller for an RMA. It sounds like it was unplugged or lost power during the flash portion so you wont be able to recover it.

Motorola should be checksumming these during the upgrade phase to avoid that.


power cycle during auto update may cause damage to SM? whoaaa… too dangerous because here in our place, we have a lot of power loss/blackouts daily.