SM Different Rx Signal - eAlign VS SNMP

It happens more and more often that the signal requested via snmp is different from the Tool>eAlign

Usually when there are spike of bad signal.

This anomaly has begun to come out of after the update to 3.5.1

I attach a screen that see also in the web gui the different signals

Who says the truth?

It's a Bug?


Thank you for letting us know.

We will check issue in the Lab and revert to you.

Thank you.

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We have checked the issue and we cannot reproduce it in Lab.
Could you please let us know whether issue has been seen on 1 particular SM or it is reproducible with many SMs?
We would be grateful if you could point us on conditions required to get issue reproducible.

Thank you.

Hi Fedor,

I've created the rule to access the cambium decive on one customer that present the behaviour

You see all in the ticket #144992

Tell me if you need other information


Thank you for update.

on and off chance, do you have this AP in front to back configuration?  

we've ran into this problem with 2.4 didn't have any luck digging it out way back in 2.5 days. 

we've normally not seen much of a performance impact unless it jumps frequently. when it's jumping frequently, we usually can find an AP on the same freq, that the CPE hears less than 28db different than the main AP.  the dip in the RSSI is directly related to the other AP that it hears so long as its less than 28db different.   using a more focused cpe antenna, or adding intentional miss alignment away from the offending AP has resolved this for us. when we are in to close to a tower and it happens, we add enough uptilt we lose 3 or 4 db to the correct panel and it clears it up.  

also, sometimes we never saw the other AP until we rebooted the AP its attached to, then we made the correlation between the issue.    but for us, its only happened on 2.4,   it only happens when the APs are not the same front or back setting (the way they should be setup on a tower),  and it only happens a small % of the time.  bouncing both APs sometimes clears it for months/years. 

of the 1000s of epmp CPEs we have, we've ran into this maybe 10 times total, and have always been able to fix it with antenna focus.