SM distances increased after upgrading to 4.6RC29

Hi, just to let Cambium guys know, Today I had an issue after upgrading one of my sectors to the 4.6RC29 version.
The customer is located at 3.9KM from the Tower, my cell range is 4km. After upgrading the AP, the customer did not connect any more and the logs showed reason 48 constantly. I went to the customer’s house and found out that the SM was showing that it was beyond the cell limit. I had increased the max range to 5Km and the SM is connected again and now it shows it is connected 4.5 km away from the tower which is incorrect.
All the stations show are reflecting longer links than the actual ones.


We checked that on the test sector and didn’t observe any issues in 4.6.
The distance accuracy is always +/- 300 meters, that’s the reason to keep Max Range always a little bit greater than real distance.

Thank you.

Thanks Fedor, that’s fine any way. I find this version much more stable than the previous ones. Almost no disconnections at all.