SM does not register to AP

To troubleshoot a SM failing to register to an AP, perform the following steps.

Troubleshooting SM failing to register to an AP


Access the Radio tab in the Configuration page of the SM.


Note the Color Code of the SM.


Access the Radio tab in the Configuration page of the AP.


Verify that the Color Code of the AP matches that of the SM.


Note the Radio Frequency Carrier of the AP.


Verify that the value of the RF Frequency Carrier of the AP is selected in the Custom Radio Frequency Scan Selection List parameter in the SM.


In the AP, verify that the Max Range parameter is set to a distance slightly greater than the distance between the AP and the furthest SM that must register to this AP.


Verify that no obstruction significantly penetrates the Fresnel zone of the attempted link.


Access the General Status tab in the Home page of each module.


Remove the bottom cover of the SM to expose the LEDs.


Power cycle the SM.
RESULT: Approximately 25 seconds after the power cycle, the green LED labeled LNK must light to indicate that the link has been established. If the orange LED labeled SYN is lit instead, then the SM is in Alignment mode because the SM failed to establish the link.


If the AP is configured to require authentication, ensure proper configuration of RADIUS or Pre-shared AP key.


In this latter case and if the SM has encountered no customer-inflicted damage, then request an RMA for the SM.