SM doesn't accept vlan settings

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a strange situation. I tested vlan in the lab and it works. I tried to implement it on our live network and some SMs refuse to accept the vlan settings. The image below will illustrate what I mean

I changed the UID of the SM to 2, I added two vlanids to the membership table on the SM, but the SM does not take them. This issue happens to 11 SMs. Other SMs in other sectors work. Any idea why this is happening?

What’s the VLAN membership table on your AP look like?

Enable dynamic Learning

Dynamic learning on the AP or SM or both?

Should be only on the AP - dynamic learning on the SM is typically when it passes tagged packets to the customer.

I have it enabled on both however it may only be the AP that requires it.

I will enable it on both and try once more

I enabled Dynamic learning on both the AP and SM and there was no change.

In AP configuration, set “configuration source” to SM or SM+BAM.

How does the bandwidth configuration source affects vlan? I will try it all the same and let you know.

If you leave configuration source as “BAM” then any vlan changes you make on the SM will be ignored.

you are right dude, just tested it in the lab and it works. Verified it as well in the canopy user guide on page 241.

thanks a lot, God bless you.