SM e PMP 1000 reboot itself

Best wishes

I have an AP epmp 1000, after several weeks of normal walking
But lately experiencing a disturbance that is reboot by itself
Maybe some one know about this problem?
please help
thank you


Could you please let us know Firmware Version used on affected device?

Also please check crashlog in CLI.

Please use command:

debug crashlog

Thank you.

Hola, tengo el mismo problema  con unos  force 180, cuando  el equipo le forzas trafico se reincia, lo hace con la version 3.x en adelante, pero este problema NO sucede con las versiones 2.x

Lo raro es que este problema sucede solo con algunos equipos, lo que si vimos que dos de los equipos son de las mismas partidas, puede ser que el hardware haya sido diferente en alguna partida de producto y el firmware lo afecte por este motivo ? Igualmente inicie un ticket de reclamo por este problema.

Hola fjp,

Gracias por haber sometido un ticket con nuestro equipo de asistencia tecnica. Ellos le deben poder ayudar a verificar si el problema es con los equipos y a iniciar el proceso de RMA de ser necesario.


firmware V.3.0.0

What is the solution?
Maybe you know?
I hope you can share my experience with me
Thank you very much

Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Spanish, I understand if I translate through google translator tool, ehehehehe

I hope to get an answer as soon as possible
Thank you so much for your help

Hello malaikat liar,

Could you please upgrade to the latest firmware version 3.3? If you still see the issue with version 3.3, please try to see if the radio has a crashlog, by login in into the CLI and using the command "debug crashlog" to dump it. Include the crashlog in this thread. If no crashlog is found, please submit a ticket with Cambium support so they can take a closer look.


To download the latest firmware, I can not register my email
how could this happen
can you help me

Use the same email and password you currently use for the Cambium Network Community forum. Most likely it does not allow you to register because you already have an account associated with your email, if you are using same email address.

Once log in, go here: