Hi all,

I’m doing some scripts to provission my SMs and do the things easier.
Through SNMP I can do many things however I can’t find a way to upgrade firmware without using CNUT or PRIZM.

Is there a way to do that through FTP, or TELNET? I could write php scripts then to automate the task.

Thanks very much in advance,


I believe all CNUT/Prizm are doing is using Telnet. From what I can tell it’s just TFTP’ing the file and using the burnflash command. Probably want to verify that though!

I believe CNUT just uses telnet and FTP.

Well… I’m doing something wrong. When I FTP the .pkg2 file into SM I get “Insufficient storage space” error (of course! it is 8MB file).

So… what is exactly what I have to send to the SM?


I believe you need to extract the pkg files and upload either apboot.bin or smboot.bin (I think those are the filenames).

Ok… sorry about my ignorance… How can I extract the files inside .pkg2 package? :?

Thanks in advance ... php?t=4685

One word: A M A Z I N G!