SM goes down every night?

We have a customer whos signal seemed to be fine for the 1st few months it was up. Then about a month ago it started jsut droping off every night for long periods of time. We’ve replaced everything at their house, and nothing has worked. On one of their nightly outages I went to the house and the SM was powered on, but could not see anything specific the register to. I left and in the morning it was up running fine. I going to include a image of the ping loss from 9/15 to date, and the status text from the SM. would love any advise as to were to start look for a solution.

Software Version CANOPY 7.2.9 Jul 23 2005 01:49:03 SM-DES
Software Boot Version CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version 070605 (DES Sched)
Uptime 4d, 09:16:56
System Time 21:35:16 10/04/2006
Ethernet Interface 100Base-TX Full Duplex

can you do a spectrum test during the day and then do one during the night when you are having problems…

run a SNMP logger to track the rssi/jitter/db and see if it an instant loss or gradual degrade

Please upgrade yr infrastructure to have 7.3 firware, use hardware scheduling.Then monitor the rssi/jitter/db using snmp tool .This will allow u to understand the problem & hopefully resolve.

Which freq are you using?