SM Idle ( just like 8.2.7) previously stable with 7.3.6

We still seem to be looking at as SM idle problem similar to what was going on with the 8.2.x software run.

Rebooting either the AP or SM allows the SM to register again. There are several SM’s that will go idle but it is a very low number mostly isolated to 900. Our worst example was installed back in the day when 7.2.9 was the norm. It survived the move to 7.3.6 and the 8.1.x versions. When we went to 8.2.x is when this started showing up.

The AP shows that the SM is idle with the last reported information

The SM is accessable via ethernet and shows that it is still Registered with the AP

Rebooting the SM clears it for that unit. Rebooting the AP clears the condition for any affected SM’s.

What I am looking to see is if there is anyone else that has seen or experienced this with Version 9 of the canopy software( or had seen it in 8.2.x versions).

Version 9 is nice, i have had little problem and seen increased performance.
The only issues we have had with the idle sm’s was fixed by replacing the PowerSupply with a fresh new one.

We are having the same problem. I managed to end up at a customers house that was having the issue before we power cycled her equipment. The lights on the back of the radio indicated it was linked up, but the sessions page on the AP showed it as idle. I was able to get inside and log into the radio, and it acted like everything was all fine and good. It was updating the RSSI, DB, and jitter. on the Link Status page, the uplink would not populate, but the downlink would update as it should. Its like the SM thinks it’s still registered and goes about it’s business, but the AP thinks the SM is idle, and ignores it.

It took 4 calls of them telling me it was an overload issue. I called back the 5th time to ask for tier 2 support, and they informed me that they have acknowledged the issue and were addressing it. It’s called the "SM Disassociation Issue"

If you are having this problem, put a call into tech support. They are trying to gather as much data on this as possible. I’m trying to catch another SM that has this issue so that I can get a CNUT capture, and a capture of the AP Eval screen. The more of us that can help with the feedback, the faster this can be fixed!

900 only from what I’ve seen
Power cycling either the SM or the AP fixes the issue.
SM thinks it’s registered
AP Shows Idle
It seems to just happen spontaneously, and not necessarily to the same SMs over and over again. I’ve seen it on every one of our 900 APs, all running 9.4.2 Never had this problem with 9.3. I was planning on downgrading, but now that Moto has acknowledged the issue, I’m going to stick it out a bit and see if I can help gather some data.

Any idea if 9.5 fixed this issue? I dont see anything about it in the release notes. I just called tech support, and evidently they moved their tech support to the Czech republic. So now no one there knows anything about the issue that took me 5 calls to get them to finally admit. You would think they would clue the new techs in on the current issues with the current release.

Great Monday so far!

If anyone else has any info on this please feel free to shoot me a PM.