SM in NAT + bridge VLAN at the same time: is it possible?


I''m interested in configuring this scenario on PMP450 SMs. I have made some tests without success. Hope anybody can help.

The AP is bridged and is passing untagged traffic aswell vlan tagged traffic.

The SM is not be configured in NAT mode for the untagged traffic (it contains user data traffic and the SM acts as a wan-lan router plus dhcp / dns proxy for lan)

I need to pass from the WAN to the LAN some VLAN tagged traffic. This traffic has to pass straight the SM, like it is bridged.

The 1st equipment behind the SM receives both the untagged + vlan tagged traffic, it manages the tagged traffic and it forwards (is a bridge) the untagged traffic to the LAN.

I have tried to add the SM in the VLAN membership, also put an IP for the management in such VLAN and ask to pass Management VLAN traffic to the ethernet, without success.

Is there a way to do this?



Hi Antonia,

I had some questions about your setup.

Can you please provide me your contact information where I can call you.