sm installs at 300' plus

so how does one do this or is it doable,i have run into situations where it would have been very handy to istall at 375 feet ot more to get around trees or get up on a hilltop but of course a normal cat5 or even cat 6 run won’t cut it and there is never anyway to get power to a switch so that you can terminate and start again.we as a cable tv comapny make are own cat5 drops and i have successfuly droped at 200 feet if anyone is doing this please tell me how.

So there is no way to run power up the tower? If it’s a 375’ tower there is already power on the Tower for the Lights. Tap off that at the first set of lights and put up a Weather proof enclosure and put your router or Switch or whatever else inside.

Or just run new power up the tower from the Hut. We’ve done it many times.

You can put the CMM on 50 m hight.

We have some installs running 150 m from SM to the router using double shielded cat5.

You could use Fiber to remove distance limitations. You will still need power at the top tho to power the media converter and the sm

Or you could use Ethernet extenders. is a good company, and the products work well. The Ethernet extender runs over anything from POTS to Cat6.

The best way would be to install the SM and an outdoor weathertight enclosure at the top of the tower or hill. Run outdoor power and a Cat5 to the enclosure and install a Jbox in the enclosure. Install the Ethernet extender and power supplies in the enclosure.

Consult an electrician regarding specific enclosure types, jbox installation, and grounding procedures.

so if i’m reading this right there is no way todo that with out somekind of power being involved??

That is correct. 100m is the limit for Ethernet so if you were able to put a switch at 100’ or so from the customers computer, then you could get your 375 with no problems.

Even though 100 meters, or 328 feet, is the theoretical limit of Cat5 cable, you can make longer runs without problem. You can usually get 450 feet or more without packet loss/lowered speeds if you use good cat5e or cat6. I wouldn’t recommend this for a tower site but if and end user really wants to get service, it can be done. I’d overextend an ethernet connection any day before taking a gamble shooting through trees.

All of the specifications for cat5e/cat6 cable is based on the IEEE’s minimum requirements. The max length was then calculated based off these specs. Good quality cable manufacturers usually surpass these specs, allowing you to push this a bit further.

Cat5e and the IEEE spec of 100 meters basicaly says this is the limit for your 10/100 mb/sec so you can run more cable if you are not running at 100 mb. the Moto canopy runs at voltages from 11.5 to 30 vdc.
If you use a good cable like Belden 7919a and use good connectors you can go further. I happen to have canopys 380 ft in the air plus another 50/60 feet going to the computer cabinets. everything runs fine been there for about a year now.
Memorylink makes a unit that you can also adapt to run at higher limits, we also have one of them running very well !

Thanks Harry!

We had an issue with an install on a hill at 300’ of cable. Didn’t occur to me to switch to 10M.

You could try to find a network extender that works on POE. Use one cable for the data transmission and a second for the signal booster.

Or you could use cat5 cable as an extension cord. Solder the DC transformer on one side and the end that powers the switch on the other. You would need to make sure the cable can handle the current draw without catching fire.

Or use small gauge wire that would only run a low voltage low amp switch.