SM issues. help us please.

hello tech team,

we have 1 SM directly connected to switch ( switch hub ) and from switch hub, we destribute it to 3 static connections 3 connection means, different clients have Cyber cafe.

Is it oK to use SM in multiple sharing ?

see the diagram below…

/ | '
1 2 3

The 1,2,3 is the Static Connections.

any advise or idea ?

we really appreciate your IDEA>

From a technical stand-point there is nothing wrong with your setup, it will obviously work. However, by terminating a Layer-2 bridge (Canopy SM) into another Layer-2 device (your switch) you are extending your broadcast domain. I would personally recommend terminating the SM into a SOHO router, then connecting your three clients to your router. Do the three clients require static IP addressing, and if so, is this why you are using your current setup?

hi sir mr smith,

our 3 clients want STATIC ips… :frowning: if i conect the 3 clients to 1 SOHO router, they are all using SAME IP.

any suggestion ?

Since they require static IP addresses, just use the setup that you first mentioned in your post, it will work fine.

hi msmith again,

if i use the first diagram i’ve posted, something wrong in my setup because every time i ping the IP address of my AP

AP - address <--
SM - adress <--

if i type :: PING while the 3 clients ( having 3 static ip ) and there is PING TIME OUTs

i mean, it can reply but there a 3 seconds time outs.

post a diagram of your setup.

give all info for AP/SM and clients
that is IP Address, subnet mask, gateway.

Include the static ip address information with subnet mask and gateways.

If your SM is nat enabled give details of NAT privat/public and RF public

It sounds like a simple IP config issue.