SM lite(p10) having issues registering to AP(p9)

I am having a hard time trying to get a SM lite(p10) to register to a AP(p9) , dont know if this is correct the new lites come hard set to hardware scheduling correct if so I have tried to locate the on the AP on how to set Hardware scheduling I have both set them to but am getting no where on this.On of our other APs …we were able to get a lite(p10 DES) to register to the AP(p9 7.3.6 ) but we arent able to mirror the same result on our other APs any suggestions on this issue would be greatly appreciated. :roll:

If you have enabled the TRANSLATION bridgeing on the AP disable it and try again.

So the answer why some of p10 board sm cant registered with p9 AP is the “translation bridging enable” in 821 firmware?

So, if we stick with 736 for all the AP, supposed there is no “strange” act from the p10 SM? since there is no “translation bridging enable” option in 7.36

If we use 821 firmware with p9 AP, than we must disable the “translation bridging enable” option if we want p10 sm can register smoothly?