SM lossing connectivity

hi all,

i have a SM which was working fine throughout this month but today i found out that the SM start to break, i taught the SM was faulty so i change it but the problem was the same.

i checked the even log, i did not see anything; did link test, it was good.
i started thinking of interference but then i remember that our back office keeps reminding us about virus and Spam on the network.

Please jerry, i want you to help me with possible steps to check where the connectivity of these SMs is lost since this is not the first time of encountering this problem.

please i will be happy to receive reply from you concerning this problem.

Thanks in advance

Gerald Thomas

Check the AP sessions page and look at the re-reg count. If it’s high, it’s either weak signal or interference.

If re-reg count is low, then it could be the customer’s computer is infected, or some other problem with the installation cabling, or ethernet link negotiation speed.

yes i have done that and i found the RE-REG COUNT to be 39. please what will be your explanation for this re-reg count

Please re-read my post. I gave you some suggestions.

Search the forum, you problem has probably been addressed many times.

What’s your RSSI, jitter, and dbm level on this link?

What results do you get from a link test?

my jitter is 1,RSSI is 1650,power level is 69 and when i did the link test 99% up/down link

I wish all my links were that good. I suspect outside interference.

If there are trees or even tops of trees in the path, you can test very well with no wind. When the wind blows and the trees move and can cause interference with the link.