SM Management lost after loosing AP


PMP450i. Software 16.2.

SM configure with Managemnt VLAN 800 and connected to cisco L3 switch on trunk port (all vlans allowed).

IP address for SM is Local and from corresponding subnet of interface VLAN on a switch.

1. When SM rebooted and connected to AP by radio, it is accessible through the network with its configure IP through MNG VID.

2. When SM loosing radio link to AP, it is not acessible throught MNG VID. Can get access to SM only directrly connecting PC to Eth interface, or throught Native (untagged) vlan on a switch.

What configuration should be done on SM, that in case of loosing RADIO conectivity with AP, it was still accessible for remote mangement through the network using managment VID? Is it possible at all?

I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.

Until SM is registered to AP, IP address of the SM on Management VID will not accessible.

If "Default alternative LAN1 IP address" option is enabled on SM, then SM can be accessed through PC using
ip-address, irrespective of whether SM is registered/not to the AP.

Please let me know, in case of further queries.