SM - Management stop responding


I have a problem that seem to effect all HW versions of Canopy FSK SM’s on my nettworks.

The SM’s simply stop responding on IP when it has been online for a couple of weeks. I have to go in to AP and remote to the SM and reboot it to get access to the IP address of the SM.

I have the same problem with all Firmware versions. And with VLAN management on and off.
We have 4 different networks on 2 different Cisco Layer 3 switches.

Network traffic for customers are normal most of the time. But seem to degrade after 1 moth without reboot…

Anybody have the same problem ?
And how to fix this ?

Inconvenient when running software upgrade on the networks. :confused:

There also seam to be a problem with the latest CNUT. If i refresh a AP with the option “Gather SM Passwords and Exstract IP Address and SNMP Settings” under Preferences enabled.

It does not accapt the password before the sm has been rebooted. Even if the login on the Web management works.

I have never heard of this before. We are running 2.4 GHZ and 900 MHz FSK gear. Definitely sounds something related to your setup. Can you provide more details? What is your network design, how do subscribers connect, what software version, etc.

We have a Cisco 3560 as GW.

We have sett Managment VLAN on the AP’s and SM’s.

AP’s have ip settings to example
SM’s have ip settings to example on that ap.

There are example 7 AP’s on 1 network.
example etc.

All settings are default except
Configuration → IP
Configuration → Radio
Configuration → SNMP
Configuration → VLAN
Configuration → Protocol Filtering

Chould this be related to “Layer 2 Discovery Destination Address” ?
It is set to LLDP but no switch is configured for this. And no stations show in the list on the SM or AP.