SM network visibility

I am having an interesting issue with the Canopy Advantage 900Mhz radios. Originally the issue was noise, and the radios would not connect to each other, but after doing a factory reset and just reconfiguring the radios they connect perfectly now.

The issue now, however, is that the SM is invisible to the rest of the network. They are operating on factory defaults for the most part, except for the radio connection and IP addresses. Essentially all I am trying to do is connect to a single SM (there is only one) and have it forward a video feed back to a main server. This was up and working before, but now the wireless side can’t see the device plugged into the ethernet side of the SM, and conversely the ethernet side of the SM can’t see the wireless. An interesting note though, the ethernet on the SM is able to access the internet, just not the local network on the AP.

The IP addresses of the two radios and the video camera are all on the same local subnet as the network the AP is plugged in to. From the local network I can access the AP, and also the SM through the link in the AP remote subscribers tab, but I can’t access the SM or camera through IP or any other means.

I have tried to call tech support on this, as the video feed was working fine on the rare occasion that the radios would connect before. Now the radios connect perfectly, but I have lost the feed. The last time I called the gentleman told me that there was no issue and that he couldn’t help me, and refused to assign me a case number before ending the call. I have been trying to fix it for a few months here when I have had the time, at the expense of a very dissatisfied client. I would just put in some backhauls and be done with it, but I can’t justify that knowing it was working perviously.

Basically I want the radios to act like a direct “wired” connection with no filtering of any kind. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

If you are running any flavor of 8.x ugrade to 8.2.7 and you should be good to go.