SM performance - firmware 12.0.2

Hi anyone has tested SM performance with 12.0.2 firmware yet ?
I very surprised that when I tested 1AP+1SM full performance we got as below :
1. 1AP with 1 SM uncap model , result was 90 Mbps. 45 mbps for DL and 45 mbps for UL. datasheet stated only 55mbps maximum.
2. 1AP with 1 SM 10 Mbps model , result was 20 Mbps. 10 mbps for DL and 10 mbps for UL.
3. 1AP with 1 SM 20 Mbps model , result was 40 Mbps. 20 mbps for DL and 20 mbps for UL.

Any different between software version 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 ? I used to test with 12.0.1 before and the result is just half of 12.0.2. I can’t find any documentation to clarify this performance improvement so please help to check this for me.

There shouldn’t be a difference in how this function operates between R12.0.1 and R12.0.2.

By your results, it looks almost as if you’re testing in one direction at a time, which may explain your results.

Thanks Matt for your reply.
Yes, I tested bi-direction also and see it’s maximum only around 50 Mbps for uncapped SM. Could you please explain why the result of bi-direction is appear only 50 mbps? Is it because of protocal inside, TDD frame etc. ?

The PMP 450 system is designed with true Multi-point performance in mind. A single SM is limited in processing power and will only provide ~50 Mbps of TCP throughput.