SM ping timeouts when under load


I’m in the process of building a 900 MHz Canopy network. I am currently testing with one SM. I have found that when I ping the SM over the management network it periodically times out when the SM is under load. I also think the SM web interface seems to respond slower.

I have been initiating the pings from the server on which I have Prizm loaded.
Server <-> Router <-> PTP400 BH link <-> CMMmicro <-> AP <-> SM

I don’t seem to see any timeouts as I ping the router, BH Master, BH Slave, CMM, or AP.

When I was testing this out today I was downloading a large file at around 2 Mbps.

Any thoughts?

Looks like it had something to do with the ethernet link speeds. I had the AP set to 10FDX and the CMM set to Auto. Setting the CMM to 10FDX seems to have resolved the issue.

I had experience this with our canopy network sometimes. We did also set the port speed at the cmm to 10fdx. But noticed 10 Half Duplex status on ethernet interface of the AP. We didn’t mind it then because AP got back online. But when there are about 15 SMs on session, the AP got to a crawl. Browsing it would take some time. Clients were also affected. We set port back to auto then speed was restored. But time outs didn’t stop there. We suspected physical. Recrimped RJ45 connectors, then everythings fine from then. :wink:

If you have different software an AP and SM you got the problem, and if installed the 8.1.5 software on a normal AP…

Dropped ping packets are normal under load.

Increase the TTL to 200ms and you will see less lost packets.