SM problems


I have 2 SM here with different problems :-

1. I cannot get in, even if i use default plug, its the same case.

2. This unit got hit probably by slight lightning, and the ethernet port has stopped to function.

Is there a way we can protect these units from lightning ? when mounting on a high pole ?


Mount a lightning rod higher on the pole.


thanks for the reply, do u have any example photo on a such install ?

I don’t have any photos. I could get one this week though. We do not have nay poles but we do have a lot of towers with lightning rods on them. Trylon TSF makes one for their Titan tower series. It is a 10 foot galvanized rod (1/2" I think) with a tab on the bottom for bolting either to a tower or other structure. Off of that tab you can bolt a 2 Ga. copper ground riser, run that to the ground to a ground rod.


Motorola recommends mounting the Canopy units – SMs, APs, and BHs – at least 2’ below the highest part of your structure.

I use a Harger model 3824CUAT (3/8”x24”) air terminal and model 157 (3/8”) vertical base; it’s simple and cheap. I mount the base on the inside of a pipe (1.25” minimum) using a single bolt; the inside curve of the pipe keeps the base from pivoting on the single bolt and falling over. The connected copper wire travels down the inside of the pipe and out to a ground rod. The gauge of the wire – as well as the diameter of the air terminal – is dictated by the height of the tower. I use only AWG #8 and #6, but I’m protecting relatively short towers. The Harger base is designed for larger wire, so I cut strips of copper drain pipe to use as filler.

Harger’s web site,, has detailed information on lightning protection. I also read an interesting discussion in a Canopy document on why AWG #10 is suggested for grounding the 300SS and Canopy mount. I can’t remember, however, what document I found it in; maybe another member knows where to find it.