SM QOS setting?

On the QOS tab on a 900 MHz SM, what is the Broadcast/Multicast Uplink Data Rate used for and any suggestions on the setting? We use DHCP IP addressing and use SMB, Bootp Server and IPv4 Multicast protocol filters.

it is used to limit broadcast data across the sm. good to set around 50-100k depending on network size. if left wide open could cause problems if you have a broadcast storm.

I’ve had them set at 15k. What problems could I see at this setting?

If you use PPPoE I’ve heard people going as low as 5k. We run DHCP and I have it set at about 10k with no issues.

This setting limits the rate at which an SM can send out broadcast traffic. Too low could prevent legitimate broadcast traffic (arp, DHCP requests, etc) from working properly.