SM Reboot

We have a monitoring system that monitors all the radios via SMTP every 60 secs. I have noticed that on a daily basis there are SM’s rebooting. They are not the same ones each day and it seems to be random. This isnt a source of a re-reg, some of the connections are .5 miles with perfect LOS. Has anyone else seen this from their monitoring systems? If so, what is the cause?

Do you mean the radio actually reboots? I.e. the radio uptime resets? Or just the monitoring software loses the radio for a poll or two.

Exactly. The radio UPTIME resets and we actually show it as a reboot. Still havent seen this real time to see if the SM is actually rebooting. When I log into it the UP TIME is definately reset though.

Are we talking about intermapper? I’ve got PLENTY of screen time with this software. :evil:

no we have a custom made monitoring system.

What are the details of the radios, firmware etc…

all levels are good. 7.3.6 1/2 Jitter .5 miles. This isnt an interference issue.

Is there any way the monitoring system could be sending a SNMP string that could cause a reboot?

Maybe shut down the monitoring for a day and check SMs by the web interface to see if any have rebooted that day?

Do you run BAM? Are your radios password protected? Could someone outside your network be messing with you?

Just throwing out some ‘out of the box’ ideas here…

I have not seen this, but I am not monitoring all SM’s, only commercial customers. Residential customers are not montored.

Does the radio go down for any length of time, or is it just a reboot? If they are going down for a while maybe its power outages, or customers playing with the power strip…

If not, then I would suspect that you have power supplies getting ready to fail which wouldn’t surprise me that much.

We are not using BAM. Cant shut down the monitoring system for a period of time right now, we monitor residential customers every 20 minutes and buisness connections every 60 secs.

We use an InterMapper program and it shows our customers going down for 21 seconds and 51 seconds a few times per SM per day.

(The reason it shows 51 seconds is because it’s on a 30 second polling interval).

So when my monitoring system goes out and polls the radio you think it is causing them to reboot?

Just throwing out suggestions to think about.

No idea if your monitoring system could reboot a radio or not. Just wondering if a garbled / unknown / unrecognized SNMP item could cause a reboot. Thought a good way to rule this out would be to stop the monitoring for a day to see if the reboots stop.

Another thought:

If the Canopy string in the SM is read only, I can’t see how your polling software could cause the SM to do anything.

I still suspect power - it could be bad crimps, power supplies, customers power cycling the radios, etc.

Look at the “Event Log” of the SM’s that are rebooting and try to cross-reference the timestamps that your SNMP software is reporting reboots with events in the log. If you see something, do me a favor and post the Error/Message from the log in this thread. I want to see if its the same messages I see in some of our logs.