SM Reboots on 2.6.1

Multiple SMs rebooting frequently on software version 2.6.1. For example one connectorized unit 00:04:56:CF:6E:0C has rebooted 15 times in past week since installation. I just downgraded to 2.4.3  to see if that makes a difference. I have other examples if needed.


While on 2.6.1, it will be great if you can provide us crash logs. You can get crash logs by SSH'ing into the CLI of the radio and typing "debug crashlog". 



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We have the same problem here.

Cambium Support has been already involved and we are waiting for an answer.

We have a ePMP 1000 Force 200 TDD mode link running 2.6.1.

SM is rebooting autonomously even 10 times a day.

We have also a twin link, with same hw and fw, installed on the same day, which has no issue at all.

Did you manage to solve your issue?


Hello Leonardo,

I would be really appreciate it if you could provide crash log from affected device to be sure we have already taken care about it.

Thank you in advance.

Crash log were already made available to Cambium Support.

That's the reason why we are waiting for a reply.

For the moment are temporarily changing Country and testing out-of-band stability.

Do we need to post the crash log even here?




To identify issue it is needed to take a look on crash log.

You can send it to me in private message and i will try to help you with it.

Thank you.