SM Reboots randomly

Hi There,

We have a point to multipoint setup, in which we are facing a problem. Particularly some SMs reboot randomly. On the SMs that reboot, RSSI and Jitter values are 1200 and 4 Respectively. I have tried changing all the parameters that might affect this setup. Also we are using CMM-2 at central location, which is perfectly synchronizing the entire setup.

If anybody can let me know the possible cause or the solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Review the event log on the SM. Do you see a number of “Line 914 System Reset Exception – External Hard Reset” messages that are not preceded by either a “PowerOn reset from Telnet command line” or “File httptask.c : Line 618 Reboot from Webpage” message?

If this is the case, I’d suggest putting a UPS on the SM as your customer may have power issues.