SM registration failures


I’m looking for the MIB to get from an AP the content of “SM Registration failure” page. I tried to search the docs, but I did not get it. Any of you can point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Perhaps here? … ine_tools/


yes, this is actually where I looked. But I’m not able to find out what I’m looking for. The only things that looks similar is “whispRegLost” (Signal registration lost), but it does not work in my AP. I get an error saying “OID does not exist”.


What SW version are you running? Moto changed OID’s with versions.

Serach the forum for the FTP site to download previous versions. the MIBs are part of the package.

Thanks Jerry.

I tried to look into the docs, but no luck. For example OID “” does not exist in my firmwares (this should be the whispRegLost). I knoe I can get these data through HTTP, but I would prefer to use SNMP anyway…