SM ReRe-Regs

Hi everyone, I have been reading the forums for about a year now, but have been hesitant to post a question fearing I may ask something that has already been answered. I am afraid I have not found what I am looking for this time (though I have found many helpful answers to other questions here in the past.)

My situation… I am running 3 tower locations each 6 miles apart. The center tower is one connectorized AP with a V-pole Omni with no issues, 6-miles to the North I have 2 connectorized AP’s each connected to 120d sector H-pole Antennas, with a CMM, no issues. The tower to the South is running one connectorized AP with a 9Db Omni H-pole Ant. This is the tower giving me the problems.

Our area is fairly rural in Southern Oregon; we are shooting through trees on nearly every install. The power levels running from this tower range from -68 through -81 and usually jitters run under 5. I am noticing high numbers of rere-regs on many SM’s. Many of my clients are experiencing connection loss usually lasting from 1 to 15 minutes, sometimes an hour.

I use ARC 12.5Db flat panel antennas with my SM’s and mount with a Direct TV style mounting bracket. I have tried Grid and Yagi antennas, but have not seen any better resulting signals or jitters, and I like that the flat panels do not hold snow in the winter time, and make for a clean looking install. My install heights range from single story rooftops to 90’ up a tree. When signal is good and jitters are under 6 what could be causing my clients to loose connection and then find it again without changing anything? All of my AP’s and SM’s are running 8.2.2. I do not use VLAN so have not upgraded to 8.2.4. Any suggestions?

Are you running in 1X or 2X mode?

You don’t mention sync sources on the single antenna installations

I am running in 1X mode and the sync sources for the single AP’s are set to generate Sync signal. I also had a band filter installed at the AP last week, it seems to have helped some clients, but not all.

Thank you

there is the problem. you need all aps on gps sync as well as configured with the same downlink, control slots, and max distance.

my recommendation is to order some syncpipe parasitics from packetflux for your two single ap sites.

Thank you Jerry.

I already had downlink and control slots configured the same on all AP’s and will adjust the max distances tonight. I ordered the syncpipe parasitics from packetflux today. They were very friendly and helpful. I will install them as soon as they arrive.

i remember the good old days runnin 2 APs…6 clients on one…19 on the other. One was 906 mhz and the other was 919 mhz. Did fine…

now we have over 100 subs across 5 different Aps. Timing is an absolute necessity. Not sure at what point we were putting so much traffic out there it BECAME necessary -but we’ve had every site timed for several months now - not sure how we made it so long just generating sync.

It doesn’t matter in 900 even if you’re facing off 120 degrees using a directional antenna - even the backs of some of these antennas put out a loud enough signal to cause problems.

(am i wrong in believing this?)

we have:

CS - 120 sector
GV - 2 120 degree sectors
GHR - 120 sector
VMT - last mile gear omni
DT - last mile gear omni

add in freqs, and it’s even more of a mess…

CS - 120 sector (facing west, 906 mhz)
GV - 2 120 degree sectors (facing southwest and north east), 911 and 919
GHR - 120 sector (facing south - 906 mhz)
VMT - last mile gear omni - 906 mhz, was 919, but that got trashed…
DT - last mile gear omni - 906 mhz…rest trashed.

Just recently we’re having very poor link results from DT - gotta find someplace to move… : /

ohhh…forgot to mention in the good old days of 2 APs…DSL fed into the 906 mhz AP and 919 mhz fed the rest of the subscriber base…and tied in to the DSL using a 900 mhz SM at 906…registered to the AP connected to the DSL.

that was sweet…i was so smug, knowing i did something motorola said i couldn’t do…

that didn’t last too long… LOL