SM software update question

Hello everyone,

I have an SM sitting next to me that is running the 3.2.5 software. It was recently pulled because it had registered on the AP as another AP with no information? It communicated to the real AP that it had AP-like speeds set to it (20000 Up and Down). So we took it down to have a look if we’d just made a mistake installation wise.

To our dismay it really is an SM, so we wanted to update the software to 7.3.6 to keep this guy from getting our hopes up. The problem I’m having is that both CNUT 2.0 and 1.10 are telling me that there are no update packages available for my SM.

I’ve tried:
CNUT 2.0 w/ 7.3.6
CNUT 2.0 w/ 7.0.7
CNUT 1.1 w/ 6.1

All with the same result

This is before my time software wise (3.2.5) so if I’m missing something obvious, I wouldn’t put it passed myself.

Also a secondary question:

I don’t mind doing the research, so if someone could point me in the direction of where to find the difference between AES and DES hardware, I’d appreciate it.


you may need to upgrade to 4.2 first…

is it a P7 SM ?

3.x did not support CNUT.

Contact Moto tech support for the procedure to upgrade. It requires a manual FTP of 4.2 to the radio and a telnet burnfile command.

Once that’s done you can use CNUT.

I appreciate the quick response. I’ll be calling Motorola right now.


Zachary Mahon
Centric Internet Services