SM will not register to AP


I replaced an AP yesterday and can not get any of the SM’s to register. With my test unit, I can see the AP (alignment shows RSSI 2092/Jitter 2/1) but on the status page, the SM is registering…registering…

Here is what’s strange about the AP…while it is registering the mileage shows to be 8.02 miles…I am less than a mile from the AP with clear LOS…

I have been through the programming more than twice and even compared it to a working AP…programming seems good and changed the port on the CMM…

Any ideas anyone???


Are you running a BAM server for authentication?

If so, can this AP talk to the BAM server? Does it have the correct IP address for the BAM server?

I don’t have a BAM at present…

Do you have the AP set to not require authentication then?

As to the distance, it will show whatever the AP has set as max distance until it registers.

Have you tried replacing the SM?

Or is that AP which it is Registering, your AP?

Or maybe it is detecting another AP 8miles away.

Just some guess.

If the SM was further than the max distance it’d say out of range…

Something is buggy… Not sure what exactly.

Check the ESN/MAC of your AP, if its the AP being detected, if not, there might be another AP present with the same Code and Freq of yours.

Just try to check.

I guess SM don’t register to an AP if both have different scheduling.
i don’t know how much its viable to this case.

He said it is REGISTERING. So it means they got on the same scheduling.

You cannot see any signal on the AP Eval page if they are on different scheduling.

Try resetting to factory defaults and then programming from scratch. I have had AP’s bugger up during setup.

Be sure the power is set to the max.

Otherwise I would say bad AP out of the box.

Jerry always got the best point.

Thanks everyone…I have verified that we are looking at the correct AP…our test concluded that the AP in question is bad, It is new and I wanted to bounce the problem off of the forum before we climb 300’ again…Thanks for all the input.



Happy climbing… :smiley:

I always test a face to face AP SM before deploying them. 1minute can save you great effort.