SM with Omni antenna

I want my SMs to be capable of some mobility. How can interference be avoided on neighboring SMs that are using omni-antennas?

It can’t, you have to rely on all neighboring APs to be timed properly to mitigate interference. In a correctly set up network you shouldn’t have CPEs talking over each other like with 802.11.

Note that the WiMAX standard that the PMP320 is based on is specifically the “fixed” variant. There is different gear designed to handle mobile clients.

are you wanting to have a cell carrier like network?

if so, you will need diffrent CPEs , try AWB indoor units

drop the stock antenna, and replace with 2 vertical antennas, we spacial seperate our wimax antennas 12’

you will also need an ASN…

cambiums basestations do not support ASN, alvrion does, but cost 5 x the money.

with all of these techs together you can roam from cell to cell without interuption ect. ect.

wowway and a few other less expensive vendors offer ASN capable basestations.
cambiums are the cheepest, but are modified for fix emplacement use only.