SM won't register; always same air delay

I’ve got a SM that always shows an air delay of:
1620 (aproximately 15.03 miles)

I have upgraded all software to the latest version. It doesn’t matter how close I am to the AP, or even a different AP.

I also have these RF Statistics

RF Statistics
Transmit Unicast Data Count 0
Transmit Broadcast Data Count 0
Receive Unicast Data Count 0
Receive Broadcast Data Count 0
Transmit Control Count 680
Recieve Control Count 0
In Sync Count 354
Out of Sync Count 134
Overrun Count 0
Underrun Count 0
Late Contention Count 0
Out of Range Up Sched 0
Receive Corrupt Data Count 0
Receive Bad Broadcast Control Count 0
PLL Out of Lock Count 8385
Old Format Beacon Received 0
Tx Calibration Failures 839
Bad In Sync ID Received 0
Attempt Xmt MultiFrag Cntl Count 0
Temperature Out of Range 0
RSSI Out of Range 1070
Range Cap Enforced 0

Any ideas?

What band radio is it? There is a 15 mile max distance in some instances.

we have seen that with some 900’s that don’t really see an ap well enough to register