small updates to canopy upgrade scripts

i made some small upgrades to canopy upgrade scripts at

it now supports up to 9.4.2 on P9/P10 hardware. i don’t have any P11 hardware yet to test but if they still use boot.image then it wouldn’t be hard to support.

looks very interesting !!..

Paul, PDMNet

that is really cool I HATE CNUT!

thatoneguysteve wrote:
Can you tell why? Just for info.

While CNUT is better than it used to be, I just find it very unreliable, and flakey at times.

Sometimes SMs will not upgrade through CNUT using the AP as the platform to do so. Multi-level upgrades (several version step ups) are a real pain also.

Its often easier to do them directly. now, with a “batch tool”, that will be a lot easier.

Just my experience.


where to begin? To start you have to dedicate a machine to it since it wont play nice with new java, The flakiness is frustrating, and its a PITA if you have to stop a process midstream, its very manual for something to automate a task, and its hell when you accidentially downgrade a whole cluster because you didnt put the list in the right order.

Of course all one can do is bitch

CNUT is rather disappointing to me. It also takes a long time to use across a large network, because it only works sequentially. I run X windows and easily batch up the batch tool :slight_smile: I can upgrade 800 radios from 9.0 to 9.3 to 9.4.2 in one day by opening up a dozen or so windows and running “cangroup -r 10.1.1 10 254”, “cangroup -r 10.1.2 10 254”, and so on in each window. One window per tower site, let it upgrade through all day long. P9s upgrade at less than half the speed of P10s. Or do 20 radios in each window at the same time to upgrade all your radios on one tower site in an hour. No worrying about the current version, or anything really. It “just works.” And you can follow the log for errors to see which units failed to upgrade, and try again, or do whatever you want with them.

No strane java app with strange behavior, just an extremely simple expect script that was carefully designed to not have “unintended consequences.” With CNUT it’s just too easy to jump between versions without expecting to. That solar customer that only has their radio online 1 hour per day? They are still at 7.3.6 because they didn’t catch your last round of upgrades to version 8. Today, you run CNUT to bring the rest of your 8.2.7 network to 9.0. But they happened to power on! So now CNUT has brought them to 9.0 from 7.3.6 and their radio is offline. So on, so forth…