Small VLAN Issue

I have vlans configured and working on my network. The only issue we have is as soon as the SM registers, i can no longer manage it locally (via the ethernet port).

I have set the following:

Dynamic Learning : Disabled
Allow Frame Types : All Frames
VLAN Aging Timeout : 25
Untagged Ingress VID : 7
Management VID : 1
SM Management VID
Pass-through : Enable

When the SM is scanning, i can manage it via ethernet, as soon as it registers, i can only pass traffic to other VLAN 7 devices.

Any ideas?

Welcome to Canopy

There is a selection to allow local management. Is that selected?

Yes, its selected.

Confirm your settings:

Dynamic Learning = Enable
Allow Frame Types = All Frames
VLAN Ageing Timeout = 25
Untagged Ingress VID = Your VLAN
Management VID = 1
Local SM Management = Enable


All correct, accept Dynamic Learning is DISABLED.

Any ideas?

canopy simply doesnt allow local management on a Vlan’d radio. pull a public ip and route back into it.

This is normal behaviour - you will be able to access the radio with it’s set IP only when not registered.

We give our techs a VPN so that they can have full access to the management VLAN and Prizm while they are on site.

You need to set the managment VLAN to the same VID as your untagged ingress. This will allow you to manage via the LAN ethernet port. However, your SM will then no longer be accessible via the management VID. To get around this, I would change your management VLAN to something other than “1”, set your Ingress VID, and have your installers carry aroung and inexpensive ($80.00) configured managed 5 Port Switch with them when doing installs and troubleshoots.

I was thinking along those lines as well. Does anyone know of vlan capable PCMCIA NIC?

If your notebook supports cardbus, then this may work for you.

I had the same issue when using VLANS. The Linksys PCM1000 PCMCIA adapter will work but the driver must be edited to allow the selection of your particular VLAN. This section is commented out in the driver for some reason. I also wasn’t particularly happy with the design of of the jack on this card, if you could find something else w/ the same chipset you’d be better off.