Smaller/wider CPE options coming?

Hello all. I’m running into a bit of a struggle. I have a number of areas that have either an old Omni on ui rocket or 4x 90 degree APs (ui’s lapgps or ui’s rocket + RFE 90 asym horn)…

Due to the hilly nature of my area, I have these setups dotted around quite a lot. I’m eager to replace them. They are about 85% LoS and 15% have some minor issues like 1-2 branches in the way. ie, no 60Ghz product is on the table.

Also note that many of these CPE are mounted on make-shift towers. ie, pine trees or pressure treated posts with 10’ poles and so on. They are NOT able to be precision aligned.

What I’m up against is that the current CPE options in the 4k line are all large parabolics. I’m just not seeing the force 300-19 and 16 equivalents in the documenation I’ve seen but this is presicely what I need for these areas, a CPE with a wider beam so it can be less accurately aligned. In the above described model, most CPE are ui’s nanostation and nanostation loco radios so alignment is very simple.

Is 4k going to address this sort of deployment model with a wide beam CPE like a 300-19?

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