"Smart Antenna is Disconnected" error

Dear Team

Kindly help I am having this on my radio

Advice me on what to do please

Hello, KOwopetu123!

Which station are you using? Did it work before? Did you check physical connection?


If you swap the port at smart antenna side (RF cables should look cross connected), radio should detect it.

Hi. Follow the LABELS on the antenna connectors. They need to be connected H-to-H and V-to-V
The problem is that the cables then look crossed, but thats necessary. If you connect them so that the cables look proper, then you’ll actually be doing H-to-V and V-to-H which won’t work.

Plus of course, latest Firmware. On top of the confusing physical layout of the connectors, there have been longstanding software issue… but Cambium has been tracking them down and shmushing them one by one… so latest firmware (4.6.1 as of this writing) is also the best bet.

Basically - Cambium screwed up - and on the 3000 AP, the connectors are confusing. BUT, the good news is that labels on them are correct, so H-H and V-V is the correct connections.