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Sometimes I need to connect to the canopy with my notebook (for example - aiming) on the place, where is physically installed. Mostly, that there is no electric outlet where I can plug CANOPY PoE adaptor. Because I´m too lazy, I´ve made a tool for this. It´s based on fact, that CANOPY is connected with ETH cable, which is almost PoE powered. So with my cable, i just connect notebook, canopy and PoE cable. Power for CANOPY is being just transferred from PoE cable to CANOPY radio, but data wires from CANOPY is connected to the other RJ45, which I can put to the notebook. And the result? I can manipulate with radio on the roof without needing power supply for PoE injector. It saves a lot of time and it´s very easy to use. Try to make it your own, based on the wiring diagram as I post here.

what you could also do is make a battery bag. We have two sealead lead acid batteries like the ones they use in a UPS. wire those 12 volt batteries into 24volt and connect one end of poe adapter so you can plug in cable and use power supply end to charge the batteries. You will need a diode on the positive side of batteries where the power adapter connects so it does not pull energy out of batteries when plugged in.

Our techs have made and use these same devices. it works pretty well too.

nucoles wrote:
what you could also do is make a battery bag...
Yeah, for this reason I have small lightweight UPS. Probably it weigh less than 2 batteries and the running time is still satisfying for few jobs at cluster, for example. Anyway, ideal for work on tower is cable as I wrote above and netbook :)

Just for info: I´ve measured real power consumption of CANOPY SM (5400) on PoE. During BOOT there is a 120 mA current, after completing boot procedure and connecting to the AP it rises up to value 270 mA. So, you can simply (for DC) calculate: 0,27(A) x 23,5 (V) = 6,345W. So, the PoE adapter real consumption on AC side (from outlet) is approx < 8W (keep on mind approx. 80% transformer effectivity) .

we actually use an 18v dewalt flashlight that has the flashlight taken off the top and the motorola transformer cut off the dongle and wired right up to the flashlight. Uses the same batteries as my drill, and lasts a week or more on a single charge. I dont see a whole lot of change in the signal when I mount the equipment on the house, usually 1 or 2 db most. I always figured running it on 18v would skew things, but it has been working fine for 3 or 4 years now.

those are some good ideas. i have been running a cat5 from my truck, up to the roof to power up the SM. and i use a linksys wirelss access point on my hood and wifi back to it and into the SM to get into it.

I use 24v RC car batteries and a senao AP. I have a dedicated test SM that I velcro both items to. I wire up a cat5 cable to connect it all together. It makes for a real simple test rig.